Partition of Property have always been a common legal issue, mostly because of the joint family system. But in recent times, the cases have increased manifold due to change in the societal system; joint families giving way to the nuclear families, and a burgeoning number of people from different background coming together for business and investment purposes. A spurt in Entrepreneurship has opened a world of opportunities for business enthusiasts, where two or more unrelated people come together to run a business venture, each coming with a certain share of capital. Sadly, it has also opened the floodgates of property disputes over the shares and ownership rights. The best way to settle such disputes is the partition of property. And since the partition is always a handful task to do, not only because of the emotional value in certain cases but also due to its legal nature, it is advisable to take onboard a specialized counsel to take you through the entire process.

We, at, specializes in handling cases of property disputes for NRI clients. We represent their interests in partition cases, without the need of them coming down here for the proceedings. We make sure that their interests are not compromised and they get their desired share in the disputed property. Our expert counsels have successfully resolved a number of partition cases for our NRI clients. Property rights of NRI can be compromised at more stages than one owing to their absence. The partner or co-owner having the possession of the property is more likely than not to try and get the complete possession, often through illegal means. We aid our clients with legal advice to get over such situations and protect their interests and rights. We have the knowledge and experience that enables us to provide our patrons with the undeniably best of the services. Partition of property can be of two kinds – voluntary partition and judicial partition.



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