When a Rental Inspection Could Have Made the Difference?

our story

Our Story is your Story and Everyone else’s Story!

According to a survey 66% of the Tenants knowingly or unknowingly tend to abuse the very home they rent and live. Once they vacate the place it takes the Property owner to payout 4 to 7 months of rent (for smaller homes and 5 or 6 months of rents for villas and bigger properties) to get it ready for the next tenant.

Most home owners Shy away from Inspecting their own properties once it’s rented out, but sense the heavy damage charges to get the property ready for the next tenant.

This is a common story for all of us, some of us do not rent out our homes due to the fear of it getting ruined and we do not have stricter tenant laws in India and renters do not care about repair costs once they leave the property damaged. We have experienced this very much just like how you have experienced it.

An Idea called Greatowners.com

Why depend on others when there is so much gap in the market, we understand the pain and the need and after a thorough research and with a professional team, We opened as a boutique property management company, specializing in managing high quality properties in Hyderabad Area. We decided on launching a professionally managed company for Individual Property Management. First and foremost, we needed a good application and spent the first 6 months in developing a state-of-art technological system and launched it and in 6 months-time we were surprised to see the numbers raise everyday for individual property management. Most of our business started growing on referrals.

Today, the boutique company continues to provide unmatched professional property management services for Individual and high-quality properties. We didn’t stop there, we started getting in other requests from our clients and fellow owners, so GreatOwners.com started offering a full range of real estate services to help investors to not think twice on investing in properties.



Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

  • Quarterly Inspection of your Property
  • Move-in/ Out Inspections
  • Property Maintenance
  • Land Verification Process
  • Property Marketing
Documentation Services

Documentation Services

  • Document Services
  • Power of Attorney
  • Rental Agreements
  • Purchase of Property
  • Transfer of Property
Real Estate

Real Estate

  • Purchase Of Property
  • Sale Of Property
  • Partition Of Property
  • Property Disputes
  • Land Development Agreements
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

  • Living Will
  • Last Will
  • Living Trust
  • Property Deed
  • Document Registration
Gated Communities

Gated Communities Rentals / Buy / Sell

  • Exclusive For Gated Communities
  • Vibrant Living
  • Most Secured For kids And Adults
  • Experience 'HOME COMING' Everyday
  • Unity At Its's Best


www.GreatOwners.com is an exclusive Gated Community Listings portal. Come home to a serene and peaceful environment, where life is lived at its fullest. Finding the right Gated Communities is a quest and Greatowners.com can make it easy for you! Buy or Rent, Apartments or Villas.


Our Professional Administrators

We understand the needs of owners because we are fellow owners ourselves. Not only do our professional property managers have years of experience in real estate, we ensure safety of their investments from time-to-time by sending them quarterly reports. We understand the service needs of each and every property we manage, and will go above and beyond to make it a valuable investment.

Our Assurance to Customer Service

We genuinely like our clients! At GreatOwners.com we pride ourselves in our unmatched commitment to customer service. And our customers love us. But what does this commitment mean? It means we work with you, and for you, to manage all aspects of your property. We're there when you need us. As a local business, our team is available at all times to answer your calls, respond to your questions and handle your property management needs.